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Orbit Antenna Support

10 things to know to correctly fix Orbit Antennas and support them in the best way. Does it seams pretty easy to say!  Unfortunately the things to know are more than 10 to correctly support Orbit satellite antennas on board of cruise vessels or oil/cargo/bulk vessels. Let's talk for instance to encoder replacement: easy? Sure if you know how to do it in short time but over all if you know what can be go wrong and how to avoid to loose time or broke up everything. Services Over Seas has more than 10 years of experience  on such kind of problems and, and in tide cooperation with MINS, can sort out and address any kind of problem may arise during the service on the field. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or request of support in Italy or everywhere in the world! We support Orbit and Intellian Antenna in Italy Venice and of any kind of model