Services Over Seas

Services Over Seas

Services Over Seas born, as states the name, to offer services manly on vessels. The main asset is the installation and the maintenance of satellite antennas on board of vessels for data transmission and television signal service. 

The aim of services Over Seas has been always focused on provide services and product to the maritime market, that is an enviroment by default aggressive and highly dangerous. Nevertheless it is mandatory, while at open sea, to rely on our vessel and on all navigation tools.

Year by Year Services Over Seas earned the trust of the customer giving back competence and expertise in order to face the hard life and work at sea. The reliability of our products and the well proof expertise is then the main base of our history and  has easily driven to the Services Over Seas acronym: simply S.O.S. the most famous message for help request in alphabet morse point-point-point line-line-line point-point-point. 

So S.O.S. became point of reference for reliable and efficient solutions for the on board via satellite comunication instrument, voip, television service and all services about.  

Why "OVER" 

So the name "services over seas" explain itself. The choise of the word "Over" is not incidental and it has even a double meaning.

Furthermore than the antenna installation of all main brand in the market there has been the continous development of products and services hardly bounded to satellite connectivity and internet safety, networt deployment, personalized software. Among all, and since the very beginning, we develop some voip services optimized for the challanging complexity of internet via satellite; further details about how it can be addressed can be read at VOIP page.

So, Voip has been heading and supporting of all those "services over seas" that S.O.S. offered and for which the 2 acronym are sharing the meaning of the second word: "OVER"

Here we are then with the genesis of the name and the adventure of Services Over Seas.


If you wish to go deeper about S.O.S. I kindly invite you to read the Blog's or contact the founder,  Fabio Favaretto, through the contact page.