Sailor VSAT 900 Cobham
Antenna communication error 08104-0 on Sailor VSAT 900 system

Antenna communication error is not so frequent but it can be happen on VSAT 900system. The trouble shooting of this problem is not very easy to carry out. We at Services Over Seas have a long experince and expertise on such kind of problem and we can take care of problems on Sailor Vsat 900 in a professional way and reducing the stop time.

As matter of fact the internet on board of vessel of yacht is every day mandatory for daily crew members duty but for all guest on board; and the key to fix such kind of problem is to analize all aspect of installation in a proper and professional way. 

Often the Antenna Communication error is related to PCM card, some time to ACU. But also rotary joint or cables contact can drive to such problem.

A specialistc visit with the most common spare parts can address the problem in short and proper way.

Do NOT hesistate to contact S.O.S. if are facing such kind of problem: we are based in Venice but we arrive everywhere.

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