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Teams 2 PSTN

Available also for italian and UK DID numbers

Teams 2 pstn services available also for italian DID. Finally available also for italian numbers, and EU numbers too, the interconnection within the Teams client and the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network).

With Teams 2 pstn It become very easy to call the public telephone from your laptop as well receive the calls into your portable device. It doesn't matter if laptop, desktop, mobile or table since you got the Teams client  and the correct log-in in to your tenant, as per the usual Office work, you are reachable from the same geographic numbers of your office's PBX. This service overlays the PBX structure and if you wish you can still mantain the old pbx network and phone.  Through the Microsoft Azure and BZS cloud you can work anywhere exactly like you were in your office with your fix telephone included! It is also the easiest way to reach other company users.

By default Teams users of different company can comunicate each others only if it is set at administrative level. This make this solution very complicated. Instead with Teams 2 Pstn  configured it is easy as dial the geografic DID. To read more about teams 2 pstn for italian DID please click here to go directly to an italian article.

If you need further information about Teams PSTN work please feel free to contact us throught our contact page or give a look to the blog's article

The service is offered in partnership with BZSolutions