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Seatel VSAT and TV antennas

Seatel maintenance fault finding and replacement vsat tv antennas Seatel ST94, Seatel 120HDTV, Seatel 9711, Seatel 6012

This year we have been working a lot on Seatel ST94, 120HDTV, 9711, 6012 antennas. Those are only a few of the Seatel model antennas that S.O.S.  can install, maintain and trouble shoot here in the nord Adriatic sea.

As part of the constant effort to offer the best in practice and state of the art solution for our customer  we keep your equipments fully operative, it doesn't matter if for Internet via satellite or televison services. We are fully aware that nowadays  internet via satellite as well as television services are mandatory on board.

If you are in need or you have further question do not hesitate to contact us