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Teams PSTN UK DID too

Teams PSTN or as we call it TEAMS2PSTN is the exclusive solution developed by Services Over Seas, following simply S.O.S., and BZSolutions, following simply BZS, well-know world wide Voip carrier, that connect Microsoft world and PSTN world. The service is available for UK DID, European DID and most part of world geografic DID. 

Thanks to the deep knowledge and experience of BZS in the VOIP world and the full support of S.O.S. as service integrator it has been possible to develop a new approach to comunication's company: the main challenge is that normally the telephony structure is apart of network structure. With Team PSTN integration is now possible to send and receive the PSTN calls using own TEAMS client as extension of the company PBX and viceversa making Network and PSTN one only world.

So PSTN company's PBX and Microsoft Teams became together part of the same whole microsoft system. 

Teams PSTN take you into a new era of Teams collaboration and Teams comunication because while you still continue to share your Teams's document you are also connected to Office's PBX wherever your office is: can be home, airport or no matter where, simply with internet connection and logged into microsoft domain you can carry with you your office in full mobile way.



Teams PSTN is a powerful tool integrated into Microsoft suite and company's PBX that offer the way to work everywhere as you were in seat at your desk in the office since while you use the Microsoft suite you are also reachable at your usual office number (UK or EU or...).

If you want more information about TEAMS PSTN feature you can contact the writer through the contact page. In the while you can access to BLOG's articles too.

For any doubt, or to know the cost, about TEAMS PSTN for UK numbers and EU DID don't hesitate to ask it, we will glad to have a small call in order to gathering the few info needed to issue an personalize offer.