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Dish support broken! DAMN!!


It is hard to travel so far and find the dish support broken. It needs to be replaced but it is a delicate and long job to carry on, not easy but no so complicate if you know how to do it !🙂

When an Orbit Al 7109 system antenna broken repair Italy service is request, Services Over Seas thanks to a long proof experience on vsat field and over about all Orbit antennas system, is able to carry out this work for you anywhere in the world and full restore your vsat or tvro C band antenna system whatsoever vsat internet via satellite as television system. More over the strong partnership with Minstech allow us to provide quickly all parts needed. The dish support is a very delicate and fondamental part of the vsat antenna system as well tvro antenna system in the Orbit technologies. In this case the damage was driven to an abnormal oscillation of dish once the antenna system got to point to target satellite. The main consequence easy to understand was a mispointing of taget satellite and instable signal even at anchorage or at dock. But fortunately the story comes to an happy end thank to crew support, client understanding and the Services Over Seas' professional approach. During the visit the Y-Gear box axis replacement has been as well taking care as part of natural standard maintenance for Orbit AL7109 system.